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Casinos, being in the traditional sense requires physical spaces of air and light separated from the outside, most times requires a great amount of energy to operate. The comfort of such great environment depends on the illumination, ventilation and the air conditioning provided by the systems and services of the building. Installation of a casino's HVAC system present a unique set of challenges, such as high occupancy, tobacco smoke filtration and ventilation, and multiple floors and rooms.

We have an extensive experience in designing and building custom, energy efficient heating and air conditioning system for clients. Whether you are building a new casino or updating your old casino HVAC system, we are ready to work with you in fulfilling your dreams at an affordable cost. We will provide the HVAC system's mechanical and electrical installation

Our team of technicians are vast in the knowledge of the installation of the various types of available sensor technology that can be integrated into your casino HVAC system design to save energy.

1. Light Sensor: this particular type of sensor can sense the amount of daylight available in the space, and adjust the lighting as needed. This sensor can be tied to your HVAC system design to adjust the heating and cooling accordingly.

2. Occupancy Sensor: this particular type of sensor can track the number of people using a space at any given time, thereby increasing or reducing the cooling temperature to accommodate the increased load in the area.

We also specialize on repairs and maintenance of casino HVAC system. No matter the fault your heating and air conditioning system might have developed, we are always available to provide you with quick and affordable repairs anytime you call upon us. Our team of technicians are always available to provide you with the help and advice you may need concerning the purchase or repair of your casino HVAC system.

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